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Refurbishment, Manufacturing and Engineering for the high tech industry,
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Maintenance and refurbishment to better-than-new condition.


Customised solutions for special hardware.

Naast ruim 60 jaar ervaring in deze specifieke sector, beschikt West End over Clean Room faciliteiten en de mogelijkheid om testen in onze machinefabriek uit te voeren

Tanks and piping systems

Customised solutions in fluid management.

Testvoorzieningen voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek

Test equipment

Enabling innovation for research and scientific development

Special Hardware: Service & Machinery for Science and Industry

Precision frames

Extreme precision in frames.

Transportframes voor in de ruimtevaart

Transport Equipment

Customised solutions for extremely special transport challenges.

Our clients are the front-runners in innovation. At West End, we enable our clients to innovate.