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Flexible in high quality precision work in large dimensions.

West End has versatile and flexible equipment with high end, specialist facilities, including a clean assembly room. West End also has a well equipped measurement chamber with mobile 3D measuring equipment for large and complex constructions. We are also very experienced in highly demanding technologies, such as producing cryogenic systems or performing vacuum tests. This enables us to offer customised solutions for highly specialist, high quality innovation projects.

Backed up by our broad experience in high quality technologies, West End is not afraid to tackle innovation challenges.

Besides conventional and computer-controlled machining and non-machining techniques, West End also has a cleanroom, 3D measuring equipment and testing equipment for pressure, vacuum and cryogenic applications.

A selection of our sustainable production methods:
     •   Machining
     •   Joining
     •   Surface treatment
     •   Assembly

West End specialises in large workpieces. Our working area can handle the assembly of extremely large structures. We also handle the order of manufacturing and the smart mounting of workpieces, for large machining as well as welding work on our large clamping tables.


Of course the choice of materials depends on the requirements imposed on a product.

West End works with various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, stainless steel, low carbon steel and high strength steels. We also work with technical plastics, rubbers and foams. Where necessary, we also use wood and hybrid materials and composites.

West End Machinefabriek enables companies to innovate. And we are proud of this.

Our customised solutions are designed and produced with great care. Examples are precision frames, machine construction, specialised tanks and piping systems and special constructions for safety purposes.

Our engineering department develops detailed designs and customer designs into customised solutions, including the correct specifications and required documentation.

The level at which West End and our customers perform is mind-boggling:

  • Machinery: machines that make it possible to create innovative products or medicines. 
  • Tanks and piping systems: cryogenic and other systems for extreme conditions.
  • Test equipment: equipment for cutting edge scientific research and aerospace applications.
  • Precision frames: high quality precision frames, for example for transporting carbon airplane components safely.
  • Transport frames: manufacture of extremely accurate and lightweight jigs for transporting high tech products.

Take a look at our competences in machining and joining techniques, surface treatments and assembly and testing facilities as well. The list of facts and figures presents an extensive overview of the competences and manufacturing methods of West End.

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‘Backed up by our broad experience in high quality technologies, West End is not afraid to tackle innovation challenges.’