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Special Hardware

Making customised solutions for special hardware

West End designs and manufactures customised solutions with the utmost care. We also refurbish existing systems and machines. Consider transport jigs, precision frames, machine construction, specialised tank and piping systems and special constructions for safety purposes.

Our engineering department develops detailed designs and customer designs into customised solutions, including the correct specifications and required documentation.

The level on which West End and our customers perform certainly captures the imagination:

  • Machine construction: machines that make it possible to create innovative products or medicines.
  • Tanks and Piping systems: cryogenic and other systems for extreme conditions.
  • Test equipment: equipment for cutting-edge scientific research and aerospace applications.
  • Precision frames: high quality precision frames, for example as aids for complex assembly processes in aerospace and for scientific research.
  • Transport equipment: precise, lightweight frames and jigs for the transport of delicate high-tech parts, for example for transporting carbon aircraft components safely.

West End Machinefabriek enables ambitious companies to innovate. And we are proud of this.

Our own engineering department develops detailed designs and customer designs and turns them into customised solutions. The engineers provide the manufacturing department with production working drawings and provide the correct specifications and required documentation. They are involved in the projects during the entire refurbishment or manufacturing process.

We can incorporate any product changes for manufacturing optimisation and cost reductions into the CAD models and working drawings. The ability to provide these as-built drawings is what makes West End Machinefabriek unique.

Built to print

West End Machinefabriek’s strength lies in the combination of our versatile machinery and the way we work. Everyone at West End Machinefabriek is involved in the manufacture of high quality products from start to finish. The variety and flexibility of our machinery allow us to produce your workpiece on the basis of your working drawings under the agreed conditions. Smoothly, skilfully and fully in accordance with the specifications.

Built to spec

West End Machinefabriek specialises in translating your draft design into detailed drawings and 3D models for production. In cooperation with production, our engineering department takes care of your detailed design. If necessary, we provide it with the relevant product and production documentation.


We love being part of what makes aerospace tests possible, and being involved in challenging, eye-catching projects. We are proud to collaborate on European innovations.