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Specialistische en hoogwaardige machinebouw voor de chemische - en procesindustrie.


Customised solutions for special hardware.

West End Machinefabriek has traditionally focused on the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of existing machines. Besides refurbishing parts, West End also produces new, complex (often assembled) components for industrial applications and scientific research. 

Backed up by our broad experience in high quality technologies, West End is not afraid to tackle innovation challenges.

When we refurbish your production resources, West End does more than just repair or replace broken parts. We can also extend the service life of machines, by fitting them with new technological possibilities. In our refurbishment, we even aim to improve your production resources.

We make machines for areas including:

  • Chemical industry
  • Process industry
  • Research and development
  • Graphic industry

West End manufactures new machines based on ‘built to spec’ or ‘built to print’.

‘Built to spec’ manufacture

West End Machinefabriek specialises in translating a draft design into detailed drawings and 3D models for production. In cooperation with production, our engineering department takes care of your detailed design. If necessary, we also provide you with the relevant product and production documentation. Of course we also take the function performed by our customised solution in the complete system into consideration.

‘Built to print’ manufacture

West End Machinefabriek’s strength lies in the combination of our wide range of machinery with the way we work. Everyone at West End Machinefabriek is involved in the manufacture of high quality products from start to finish. The variety and flexibility of our machinery allow us to produce your workpiece on the basis of your working drawings. Smoothly, skilfully and fully in accordance with the specifications.

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

Our own engineering department can provide the machines with the necessary documentation and quality marks. West End Machinefabriek has its own test and measurement facilities for performing Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT). These can include leak tests, pressure tests, load tests and dry runs.

Commissioning of production resources

Our field staff and service engineers support the integration of the new production resources in the existing lines and the installation and commissioning of the machines on site. West End has well equipped mobile workshops for this purpose, which can be used to carry out minor last minute adjustments, often on site.

HSE facilities

West End manufactures customised solutions for preventive safety facilities, such as stairs, railings, ladders, caged ladders, landings and platforms. We do this for temporary maintenance and other projects as well as for permanent production systems. Customised solutions are called for precisely when standard safety facilities fall short or special safety requirements apply.

Customised HSE rigs, such as safety railings and platforms for specialised projects

Besides safety facilities for the machines we manufacture ourselves, we also make caged ladders, stairs, landings and platforms on, in or around existing machines.
Our safety solutions meet high standards. Especially in situations where there are limited possibilities for attachment and mounting, or where spatial limitations require additional safety facilities.

West End has VCA certification for installation and maintenance work.

Of course we adhere to the safety regulations in our own factory as well. They apply to our employees, visitors, trainees and students.

Spare and replacement parts

Sometimes spare and replacement parts susceptible to wear need to be in stock to limit downtime of production lines.  West End can manufacture small series of turned and milled components based on existing working drawings.

Refurbishment of system components

The mechanical components of production systems regularly require replacement or repair. Refurbishment can extend the service life of parts, without compromising the reliability of the production lines. West End Machinefabriek is your specialist for this long lasting solution.

Modification of components

The production facilities at West End Machinefabriek are also suitable for adapting and modifying purchase parts for existing production lines. For older systems, this can definitely offer a good alternative to new components. Our engineering department can provide advice and deliver working drawings for the manufacture.


Clean room assemblage Clean Room Assemblage voor Proces Industrie Clean Room Assemblage voor Proces Industrie

West End Machinefabriek enables pioneering companies to innovate. And we are proud of this.