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Transportequipment, zeer nauwkeurige precisieframes voor het vervoer van kwetsbare goederen

Precision frames

Extreme precision in frames.

West End Machinefabriek has been manufacturing large frames with tight tolerances and complex geometry for many years. With our working methods and machinery, we are often able to organise the order of manufacture so that the maximum workpiece size rarely forms an obstacle. Our machine works cover an area of 5,500 m2, which means we can assemble very large frames.

In order to achieve the greatest possible precision, West End has a well equipped measurement chamber. Here we measure and document large workpieces, assemblies and frames using our 3D measuring equipment, which includes an optical, laser-powered 3D measurement system.

Our precision frames are used in simulators for the aviation and maritime industries, among other things. West End also makes high quality precision frames for machine construction and applications in the chemical sector and for scientific research.

Mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE)

West End has manufactured various MGSE projects specifically for aerospace, for the assembly and testing of satellites. Examples include adapters for vibration testing and EMC-compatible support frames.

The purpose of these test adapters is to test – on Earth – the extreme conditions to which satellites are exposed during the launch and in their orbit around the Earth.

These test facilities are of a temporary nature and entail safety requirements, so West End has also manufactured specific environment-related safety facilities.

(Flight) Simulation hardware

Our experience in the aerospace sector enables West End to make lightweight and extremely stiff constructions for simulators for the aviation industry and maritime applications. These mechatronic simulators are used for training and educational purposes, for example for pilots.
Our working procedure and the support from our own engineering department enable us to manufacture and assemble the parts of these simulator jigs. With the help of ‘as-built’ drawings, we can guarantee product changes. This digital dossier can be used for the cost effective manufacture of a second series of frames.

Precision frames and MGSE

Built to spec

Our design department makes detailed designs for adjustments to existing precision frames as well as the manufacture of new constructions. We also provide the required documentation. We thus contribute to the realisation of innovative solutions for our customers, with precision frames we are proud of.

Built to print

We manufacture and check repeat orders or previously specified constructions and precision frames scrupulously in accordance with the working drawings.

Hoogwaardige precisieframes van West End Transportframe voor Airbus A350 vleugelpanelen Complexe frames voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek en testopstellingen

‘West End is the ideal extension for us. I can have them make complex workpieces and record them in drawings at the same time. Manufacturing and engineering under one roof. That’s what I want.’