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Test equipment

Enabling innovation for research and scientific development

Over the past 70 years, West End Machinefabriek has built up considerable experience in different, demanding test environments. Our customised solutions are used for research and development in all kinds of scientific areas:

• Vibration
• Vacuum
• Cryogenic conditions
• Precise tolerances

By combining broad knowledge and experience, West End is well placed to specify, modify and manufacture the mechanical components and structures for test facilities.

Test rigs

West End works together with various scientific research centres on the development and manufacture of test rigs for fundamental research. These research projects often require changes and modifications to existing rigs and frames. West End has mobile workshops and experts to provide on-site support for the installation and maintenance of the load bearing structures of test rigs.

Test adapters

How the solar panels of a satellite fold out in space is tested extensively in advance. On Earth, under the influence of gravity. The same applies to the testing of the construction and assembly of a satellite, which is exposed to enormous vibrations during the launch.

West End manufactures the mounting and assembly plates for these tests under extreme conditions. These mounting parts which fit between the objects being tested and the test facilities may not affect the results. We therefore pay considerable care and attention to their development. The conditioned environment for many tests only makes the requirements even stricter.

West End has its own engineering department and cleanroom so that we can execute these development processes. We can also develop and manufacture the necessary safety resources for these temporary rigs, such as ladders, caged ladders, landings and platforms. West End has VCA** certification.

Research hardware

The structural parts of experimental systems are often developed in consultation. The lines of communication are short, thanks to the combination of manufacture and our own engineering department. Our engineers provide efficient and cost saving support in the translation of ideas into rigs that can be produced. 

The versatility of our machinery and our own cleanroom are indispensable in this respect. Moreover, West End can perform the necessary Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) such as dry runs, vacuum tests and load tests in-house.

West End adapter for vibration tests

Built to spec

Our design department makes detailed designs for adjustments to existing precision frames as well as the manufacture of new constructions. We also provide the required documentation. We thus contribute to the realisation of innovative solutions for our customers, with precision frames we are proud of.

Built to print

West End manufactures and checks repeat orders or previously specified constructions and precision frames scrupulously in accordance with the working drawings.

Testvoorzieningen voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek Vacu├╝mtesten in onze clean assembly ruimte West end maakt testvoorzieningen voor ondermeer trillings- en vibratietesten van high end satelliten, waarmee we innovatie mogelijk maken

The combination of knowledge and experience from different high tech disciplines makes innovation possible