The MDE-unit is used in civil industry and construction, in the phases leading to building roads or houses.The MDE-Drive is an installation to detect, deep below ground surfaces, undesired items like explosives from World War II. One can describe the MDE-drive as a heavy duty pressure mechanism which can drive a hollow tube deep into […]

Onze constructeurs gebruiken 3D solid modeling software voor het maken van productietekeningen, om de fabricage en specificaties aan de machinefabriek door te geven.

Engineering and Maintenance

Prior to our current co-engineering and manufacturing activities, West End started as a service company. In 1947 West End was founded as a service oriented company Over the years, we current co-engineering and manufacturing activities, Since 1947 West End specialises in urgent repair and maintenance. Repair and maintenance often leads to overhaul and refurbishment activities. […]