West End Technology is a supplier of mechanical engineering services and hardware for the Aviation Industry for more than 20 years.  Being located near leading Flight Simulator Integrators, our role in Aviation started following our track record regarding functional Mock-ups for Space testing. West End provides co-engineering and manufacturing of frames, domes and cabins for Level D full motion aircraft and helicopter simulators, among aircraft types of Boeing and Airbus. Next to this West End manufactures parts for static simulators like military G-seat trainers.

Industrial projects and producs

Tanks and Piping

The manufacturing of industrial tanks and piping systems is one of the original product groups of West End. West End started producing high tech and innovative customised solutions for mixing and storage stainless steel tanks and  piping systems for the chemical processing industry in the 1950s. Tanks can be equipped with man-holes, mixers, sight glasses, […]

Pressure and Vacuum vessels

Pressure and Vacuum vessels

The specific requirements for pressure and vacuum vessels demand a properly controlled and certified manufacturing process. Even more important are specialised production methods, such as orbital welding. We have both at West End. West End started 70 years ago as a local refurbishment company for the chemical and processing industries. Since then, West End has […]

Skid frames

Next to separate tanks and piping equipment, West End also designs and manufactures integrated solutions on a frame, better known as skids. One can think of a filter unit in combination with a  dosing unit, control panel and flexible piping. As West End designs, builds and tests your entire skid, one can be assured that […]

Platforms and railings

West End manufactures customised solutions for preventive safety facilities, such as stairs, railings, ladders, caged ladders, landings and platforms. We do this for temporary maintenance and other projects as well as for permanent production systems. Customised solutions are called for precisely when standard safety facilities fall short or special safety requirements apply. Besides safety facilities […]