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Transport Equipment

Customised solutions for extremely special transport challenges.

Transport equipment

Transport equipment is an exceptional category of precision frames for the transport of extremely valuable or delicate parts or products. This often involves highly complex and assembled frames. There are no standard solutions for these challenges, and protection of the products has priority.

Together with the customer, we develop the best method for the contact surface between the transport frame and the product, often with millimetre accuracy.

Our engineering department can translate the complex product design into production and assembly drawings. Our engineers thus provide the manufacturing department with the necessary layout and detailed drawings.

We can manufacture and assemble transport equipment frames with lengths exceeding 40 metres in our manufacturing and assembly buildings. West End has advanced 3D measuring equipment and optical laser trackers to check the dimensional tolerance accurately for these large frames.

Special containers

We can also offer the right solutions for the transport of special or sensitive equipment. At West End we deliberately choose to develop in conjunction with the customer, which gives us extensive experience in various specialist technical disciplines. We put this knowledge to use when manufacturing customised solutions for special transport requirements.

Transport adapters

West End specialises in the development and manufacture of transport adapters for the exceptional transport of delicate and complex apparatus, such as satellites.

Transport adapters are the connection between the transport containers and the cargo to be transported, providing support and protection. Another important function is the role of transport adapters in the packaging process and the handling of the apparatus. Our engineering department takes the weight distribution into consideration, placement of lifting eyes for example, and the order of mounting and packaging.

Our field staff work closely with the carrier. Together they ensure that the process takes place safely and without incident.

MGSE voor het transport van een satelliet Transport van bijzondere, kwetsbare en kostbare vracht Transportframes voor in de ruimtevaart

‘West End is the ideal extension for us. I can have them make complex workpieces and record them in drawings at the same time. Manufacturing and engineering under one roof. That’s what I want.’