Onze constructeurs gebruiken 3D solid modeling software voor het maken van productietekeningen, om de fabricage en specificaties aan de machinefabriek door te geven.

Engineering and Maintenance

Prior to our current co-engineering and manufacturing activities, West End started as a service company. In 1947 West End was founded as a service oriented company Over the years, we current co-engineering and manufacturing activities, Since 1947 West End specialises in urgent repair and maintenance. Repair and maintenance often leads to overhaul and refurbishment activities. […]

Aviation Access Bridges

Access Bridges

For the pilots and crew to safely enter a full motion simulator, Access Bridges are needed. West End manufactures such Access Bridges both “Built-to-specification” as “Built-to-Print”. Following our philosophy of a services company we test and then crate these large assemblies directly to your desired location. We are proud of our modular design concept, which […]

Precisieframes voor Luchtvaart simulatoren

Simulator Hardware

Flight Simulator Hardware is the back-bone of a Full Flight Simulator. Our tailor-made frames literally hold all the pieces together. As such, they transform the forces and accelerations of the motion systems which are mounted on the frame itself. A few examples of the products we manufacture are frames, or upper platforms, as they are […]

Transport Jigs

Transport Equipment

West End specialises in the design and manufacturing of transport equipment. These solutions can be used either vertically or horizontally and indoors or outdoors.  For indoor vertical use we prove lifting beams and cages. For indoor horizontal use we manufacture trollies with either heavy duty wheels or air pads. For outdoor uses, we can engineer […]