Skid frames

Next to separate tanks and piping equipment, West End also designs and manufactures integrated solutions on a frame, better known as skids. One can think of a filter unit in combination with a  dosing unit, control panel and flexible piping. As West End designs, builds and tests your entire skid, one can be assured that […]

Transport Jigs

Transport Equipment

West End specialises in the design and manufacturing of transport equipment. These solutions can be used either vertically or horizontally and indoors or outdoors.  For indoor vertical use we prove lifting beams and cages. For indoor horizontal use we manufacture trollies with either heavy duty wheels or air pads. For outdoor uses, we can engineer […]

Cases and boxes

Transport Containers

West End builds specialised transport containers for spacecraft flight hardware or astronomy optical hardware. Both types of hardware often need integrated handling, vacuum conditions and shock absorption. Containers for large space related items require special consideration due to the size constraints for transportation and for the very high value and sensitive nature of the contents. […]