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De productie van industriële tanks en leidingwerk behoort tot een van de oorspronkelijke productgroepen van  West End.

Tanks and piping systems

Customised solutions in fluid management.

The manufacture of industrial tanks and piping systems is one of the original product groups of West End. West End started producing high tech and innovative customised solutions for pressure and vacuum vessels and stainless steel piping systems for sanitary and cryogenic applications for the chemical processing industry in the 1950s.

‘West End is the ideal extension for us. I can have them make complex workpieces and record them in drawings at the same time. Manufacturing and engineering under one roof. That’s what I want.’

West End has an orbital (TIG) welding machine to produce tanks and piping. Our welding process has also been certified. West End has more than 60 years of experience in this specific sector and has cleanroom facilities at its disposal. This means we can perform various tests in our machine works, such as pressure and vacuum tests and dry runs.

West End is thus able to manufacture customised solutions for piping systems and tanks for branches of industry with high demands, such as the chemical sector, aerospace and scientific research.

Pressure and vacuum vessels

The specific requirements for pressure and vacuum vessels demand a properly controlled and certified manufacturing process. Even more important are specialised production methods, such as orbital welding. We have both at West End.

West End started 70 years ago as a local refurbishment company for the chemical and processing industries. Since then, West End has grown with its customers and become an international supplier. With our knowledge and experience, we know better than anyone how customers can improve these tank and piping systems.

The demand to supply those improved systems straight away thus developed naturally. We have now brought our manufacturing and engineering department to the same high level as our refurbishment experts.

The simultaneous growth of demand also resulted in a well equipped cleanroom where we carry out various tests (such as vacuum and leak tests).

Cryogenic applications

West End has the in-house knowledge and experience to manufacture tanks and piping systems for cryogenic applications. The high safety and other requirements under extreme conditions imposed extra demands on the manufacture of piping and tanks for cryogenic systems. West End has various certificates, for example for the welding process, so that we can carry out challenging projects for applications under extreme conditions.

Renovation of systems and sub-systems

West End is also your partner for special renovation and other projects relating to piping systems parts. With our own manufacturing facilities for certified orbital welding, among other things, as well as our well equipped mobile field service, we can perform complex projects safely and skilfully.

The special hardware West End supplies is so specific that you won’t learn it at school.

The special hardware West End supplies is so specific that you won’t learn it at school.