The MDE-unit is used in civil industry and construction, in the phases leading to building roads or houses.The MDE-Drive is an installation to detect, deep below ground surfaces, undesired items like explosives from World War II. One can describe the MDE-drive as a heavy duty pressure mechanism which can drive a hollow tube deep into […]

Platforms and railings

West End manufactures customised solutions for preventive safety facilities, such as stairs, railings, ladders, caged ladders, landings and platforms. We do this for temporary maintenance and other projects as well as for permanent production systems. Customised solutions are called for precisely when standard safety facilities fall short or special safety requirements apply. Besides safety facilities […]

Skid frames

Next to separate tanks and piping equipment, West End also designs and manufactures integrated solutions on a frame, better known as skids. One can think of a filter unit in combination with a  dosing unit, control panel and flexible piping. As West End designs, builds and tests your entire skid, one can be assured that […]

Pressure and Vacuum vessels

Pressure and Vacuum vessels

The specific requirements for pressure and vacuum vessels demand a properly controlled and certified manufacturing process. Even more important are specialised production methods, such as orbital welding. We have both at West End. West End started 70 years ago as a local refurbishment company for the chemical and processing industries. Since then, West End has […]

Tanks and Piping

The manufacturing of industrial tanks and piping systems is one of the original product groups of West End. West End started producing high tech and innovative customised solutions for mixing and storage stainless steel tanks and  piping systems for the chemical processing industry in the 1950s. Tanks can be equipped with man-holes, mixers, sight glasses, […]

Space Mockups


We are proud to have been commissioned to manufacture the Mockups for ESA’s Erasmus building in Noordwijk. An example is the Colombus Mockup. One of the highlights of the Erasmus Centre’s High Bay is a 1:1 Columbus Laboratory mockup. It displays on the inside all the relevant racks and experiment facilities being currently mounted in […]

Onze constructeurs gebruiken 3D solid modeling software voor het maken van productietekeningen, om de fabricage en specificaties aan de machinefabriek door te geven.

Engineering and Maintenance

Prior to our current co-engineering and manufacturing activities, West End started as a service company. In 1947 West End was founded as a service oriented company Over the years, we current co-engineering and manufacturing activities, Since 1947 West End specialises in urgent repair and maintenance. Repair and maintenance often leads to overhaul and refurbishment activities. […]

Aviation Access Bridges

Access Bridges

For the pilots and crew to safely enter a full motion simulator, Access Bridges are needed. West End manufactures such Access Bridges both “Built-to-specification” as “Built-to-Print”. Following our philosophy of a services company we test and then crate these large assemblies directly to your desired location. We are proud of our modular design concept, which […]

Precisieframes voor Luchtvaart simulatoren

Simulator Hardware

Flight Simulator Hardware is the back-bone of a Full Flight Simulator. Our tailor-made frames literally hold all the pieces together. As such, they transform the forces and accelerations of the motion systems which are mounted on the frame itself. A few examples of the products we manufacture are frames, or upper platforms, as they are […]

Transport Jigs

Transport Equipment

West End specialises in the design and manufacturing of transport equipment. These solutions can be used either vertically or horizontally and indoors or outdoors.  For indoor vertical use we prove lifting beams and cages. For indoor horizontal use we manufacture trollies with either heavy duty wheels or air pads. For outdoor uses, we can engineer […]

Cases and boxes

Transport Containers

West End builds specialised transport containers for spacecraft flight hardware or astronomy optical hardware. Both types of hardware often need integrated handling, vacuum conditions and shock absorption. Containers for large space related items require special consideration due to the size constraints for transportation and for the very high value and sensitive nature of the contents. […]

Frames, Jigs & Rigs

West End has developed a knowledge of the technology necessary for the safe and proper handling of aviation and flight hardware during AIT activities. A recent example we take pride in is the Deployment Rig for the solar arrays of Metop. West End also manufactured almost all MGSE for the Solar Array of Artemis. We […]