Feiten en cijfers

ISO 9001:2015international standard
EN 1090-1international standard
EN 1090-2 Execution class 3international standard
EN 1090-3 Excecution class 3international standard
EN-ISO 3834-2international standard
VCA**Dutch Safety Standard
Factory and Office Information 
Main office locationMachinefabriek West End B.V.
Meer en Duin 25
2163 HB Lisse
The Netherlands
Supply and conveyance routesBy road: close to highway A4 and A44
By water: From the Ringvaart to the harbor of Amsterdam or Rotterdam
Total ground area of the Main office location7050 m²
Total built area of the Main office location4600 m²
Number of factory halls at the Main office locationFactory Hall 1 – 60m x 18m
Factory Hall 2 – 60m x 13,5m
Factory Hall 3 – 60m x 18m
Factory Hall 4 – 77m x 18m
Office – 27m x 20m 
Office space540 m2
4 x Overhead cranes (Konecranes)3200 kg
1 x Overhead cranes (Konecranes)5000 kg
1 x Overhead cranes (Konecranes)2000 kg
1 x Still R60-25 electrical forklift2500 kg
1 x Still R60-40 electrical forklift2600 kg
1 x Still R50 electrical forklift1200 kg
Permitted floor loadParticial 500 kg / m² and particial 2500 kg / m²
Powersupply220V  / 380V
Stock materialsMultiple rod, tube and plate material (Stainless steel, aluminium, steel en alloyed steel).
Also available, a large assortment of fastening materials
Engineering±125 m2
Including 8 computer workplaces and 2 mobile workplaces
Meeting rooms±270 m2
Administration office4 workplaces
5 x Solid Works Premium and Simulation workplaces3D design, construction and simulation
3 x Mobile Solid Works Premium and Simulation workplaces including Static and Dynamic analyses3D design, construction and simulation
HP designjet 500 Plotter 3500Full-color A0
Sharp MX-2610NFull-color A3
Machinig (Milling and Turning) 
Factory hall 1±850 m2
CNC Lathe 
1x EZ-CAM turn ExpressIncluding computer workplace
Style lathe 510 x 1250Maximun cutting diameter: 510 mm
Maximum cutting length: 1250 mm
Style lathe 630Maximun cutting diameter: 630 mm
Maximum cutting length: 3000 mm
Dormac lathe 200EControl type Siemens 805
Conventional lathe with digital readout 
Est Ticino 520 center latheMaximun cutting diameter: 1860 mm
Maximum cutting length: 4500 mm
Lacfer enter latheMaximun cutting diameter: 600 mm
Maximum cutting length: 1500 mm
Amutio Cazeneuve HB725Maximun cutting diameter: 725mm
Maximum cutting length: 2000 mm
Cazeneuve HB575Maximun cutting diameter: 575 mm
Maximum cutting length: 1500 mm
Weiler praticus enter latheMaximun cutting diameter: 150 mm
Maximum cutting length: 1000 mm
Schaublin enter latheMaximun cutting diameter: 150 mm
Maximum cutting length: 800 mm
CNC Milling 
1 x EZ-CAM Mill ExpressIncluding 1 computer work place
3 x EZ-CAM Mill ProIncluding 3 computer work place
Style BM6X-axis stroke: 1060 mm
Y-axis stroke: 560 mm
Z-axis stroke: 610 mm
Style BT-1500EX-axis stroke: 1500 mm
Y-axis stroke: 650 mm
Z-axis stroke: 600 mm
Style BT-2000X-axis stroke: 2000 mm
Y-axis stroke: 800 mm
Z-axis stroke: 700 mm
Conventional milling machines with digital readout 
Fluri F21 SEX-axis stroke: 1500 mm
Y-axis stroke: 800 mm
Z-axis stroke: 600 mm
Deckel FP1X-axis stroke: 300 mm
Y-axis stroke: 160 mm
Z-axis stroke: 340 mm
Maho MH 300PX-axis stroke: 300 mm
Y-axis stroke: 375 mm
Z-axis stroke: 200 mm
CincinnatiX-axis stroke: 350 mm
Y-axis stroke: 150 mm
Z-axis stroke: 300 mm
Boring milling conventional 
Juaristi MDR 110 CEX-axis stroke: 2500 mm
Y-axis stroke: 1800 mm
Z-axis stroke: 3000 mm
* dimensions can be increased
Berco type AC-750Maximum cutting diameter: 150 mm
Maximum cutting length: 500 mm
Thomsen portabeleMaximum cutting diameter: 100 mm
Maximum cutting length: 80 mm
Thread cutting 
CMA pneumatic thread cutting machineSizes M4-M16
Grinding / polishing / honing 
Ribon grinding machine type RAG-1500Maximum grinding diameter: 150
Maximum gringing length: 1500 mm
Maegerle surface grinding machineElektromagnetic clamp plate
Technodue hydraulic surface grinding machine Type SG45 
Sunnen honing machineMinimal diameter 5 mm
Flexibele axis, grind- polishing machine 
Misal radial surface grinding machineElektromagnetic clamp plate
Rema drill grinding machine S2/40 
VSF 200 polishing machine 
Metabo 7222D grinding machine 
RSA entegrater duo grinding machine 
Creusen DS 9250 grinding machine 
Comec Type RV516 valve grinding machine 
Sheet metal work and Construction 
Factory hall 3 used for construction welding, bending, pressing, etc. of raw material±1060 m2
Material storage particial area of factory hall 4±1000 m2
Particial area of factory hall 4 used for sawing, watercutting and clipping of raw material±590 m2
Table size drilling machine Solid B15Snone
Table size drilling machine Temco M10 serie 77none
Pilar drill Ixion BSS16none
Webo varia 30none
Wisent D2509none
Wisent D2509none
Wisent D2509none
Semi-automatic hydraulic bandsaw machine SAR 440 SA GDSMaximum material width: 615 mm
Maximum material heigth: 740 mm
Mobile bandsaw machine EMCO swing BSS 40 33Maximum material heigth: 160 mm
Maximum cutting depth: 630 mm
Mobile circular sawing machine STB S5Maximum material heigth: 150 mm
Maximum cutting depth: 150 mm
Semi-automatic electrical bandsaw machine Thomas supertrad 380 SOMaximum material heigth: 330 mm
Maximum cutting depth: 260 mm
Circulair sawing machine Thomas 315STMaximum material heigth: 50 mm
Maximum cutting depth: 90 mm
Watercutting machine OMAX, 4000 x 2000Accuracy up to 0,02 mm
 Note : our supplier network provides us the possibility to design and assembly have bigger dimensions
Clipping / nibbling 
Darley hydrashear GS 3100×10type GS3100 x 10
Elga HydrashearMaximum clipping width 3000 mm
Trumpf nibblernone
Pullmax nibbler 8 mmnone
DMF corner cutting machinenone
Bending machines 
LVD CNC PPEB170Maximum width 3000mm
Mengele D 80-25Maximum width 3000mm
SafanMaximum width 3000mm
JorgManual operated
GosmetaManual operated
Maximum width 150 mm
 Note : our supplier network provides us the possibility to design and assembly have bigger dimensions
Rollers and Pipe milling 
Roller for sheetmetalMaximum working width: 2500mm
Roller for pipes and sheetmetalMaximum working width sheet metal: 2000mm
Mobile pipe bending machine CRC UNI 70Cnone
Pipe milling machinenone
Surface threatment 
Sybrandy straalcabine S69DUsed for aluminium and stainless steel
Roto finish straalcabine SBC990Used for Steel
Chemical surface threatmentWorking with suppliers for annodising, powdercoating, hardening, chroming, nikkelage etc.
Paint booth ±45 m2Wagner airless paint unit
Paint booth ±90 m2Wagner airless paint unit
Lloyd’s certified weldingCertificates for welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminium
7 x welding table 3000 x 1500Including 3-D mould building equipment
1 x welding table 2400 x 1200Including 3-D mould building equipment
Schlatter spotweling machine 2580Anone
Machines TIGNotes
SelkoGenesis 382 AC/DC
KemppiMASTER 2200
LorchV30 AC/DC
PolysoudePS-164 / Ook orbitaal
KemppiMASTER 2200
FroniusTranstig 1600
SelcoG382AC DC
KemppiMastertig 1500
KemppiMastertig 3500W
Machines MIGNotes
LorchM Pro250C
LorchSaprom S5
LorchM Pro250C
LorchSaprom S5
Plasmacutting machines 
Kemppi40 AIR
Castolin EutecticEutronic80/35
Pressing machines 
1 x van der Graaf hydraulic press 150 TonDistance between pillars: 4000 mm
2 x Hydraulic handpress 25 Ton Compac P25Distance between pillars: 1100 mm
1 x LMF 200 TonHydraulic press
Engraving machine Kuhlmann GM 1/2none
Bandgrinding machine Rema BS200none
High pressure cleaner KarcherIncluding heatening of water
Patial area of factory hall 2±100 m2
Icluding 3 computer workplaces and 1 mobile working place
Beta Digital Electronic Automatic 3-D measuring toolReach
X-axis: 1000 mm
Y-axis: 800 mm
Z-axis: 600 mm
FARO 3D measurement arm1800 mm
Extensive set Mitutoyo analog measuring tools Including callibration tools
JFA precision table1500 x 1500 x 800 mm
Hardness testersMitutoyo and Wolpert
Torque wrench 
ScaleUp to 2000kg accuracy ±0,1kg
Installation and Maintenace 
VCA-certified employeesCombination of VCA and VCA-VOL
Elektrical powered lift 6 meterIncluding safety harness
Scaffolding 10 metercertified
4 x Closed company carFull adjustable with equipement for full service
2 x Open company carmainly for transport
Mobile welding equipementMIG / TIG
Working/storage container4 mobile units
Mobile office containerUp to 4 working places
Clean assembly room ±40 m2
Partial of factory hall 2 for assembly±305 m2
Engine overhaul ±140 m2
Fastening material storage ±65 m2
2x storage (1st floor, factory hall 2)Total ±215 m2